Environment, Health & Safety

Protecting the environment is not just something we do as an afterthought, it is central to the way we do business every day. We live in Texas and most of us are raising children and grandchildren here. We all want a quality of life that includes clean air and water; abundant wildlife and vegetation; and protected archaeological sites and open spaces. We are always looking for ways to improve production while mitigating the impact of our operations.

It is important to remember that the development of natural gas is highly regulated. Before we drill a well, significant pages of documentation are filed and submitted to a range of state regulatory agencies for review and approval. Many documents must be stamped by a professional engineer. Escondido complies with all relevant federal and state regulations. But we go well beyond that, adhering to the industry's best-practice standards and continually looking for ways to improve.

Developing the nation's abundant natural gas reserves is one way we are participating in the search for clean-burning sources of fuel while creating jobs and helping secure a future that is not dependent on foreign sources of energy supply. New technologies have allowed us to drill for natural gas from fewer well pads, mitigating the surface impact of temporary roads, truck traffic and noise.

Safety is our first priority. We are diligent about protecting the health and safety of our employees and our neighbors. At Escondido, if a task cannot be performed safely it won't be performed at all. We have an excellent safety record and insist on working only with subcontractors that do as well. We also employ a large scientific staff, which includes a number of engineers. They design and operate our facilities according to industry best practices. Security personnel staff our active at sites 24 hours a day, and we continually educate local first responders about our operations.

There are multiple regulations, laws and internal standards that govern safety at our sites and we comply with all of them, but our goal is to go above and beyond by cultivating a culture of personal responsibility and rigorous adherence to best safety practices. We encourage our employees to anticipate risk and make workplace safety their first concern.